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Additional Wave 9 COVID-19 Interview Date Data

DOI: 10.6103/SHARE.w9caintd.800

Release: 8.0.0

Date: 10th February 2022

In addition to the interview month and year of the Wave 9 COVID-19 interviews, which are included in the cv_r module, registered SHARE users can apply for access to an additional data set that includes the date of the COVID-19 interviews. To be granted access to this data, users have to fill in and sign a special user statement in which they are requested to provide a comprehensible justification why access to this data is needed in order to carry out their scientific research.

Please cite the dataset in your references as follows:
Börsch-Supan, A. (2022). Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE) Wave 9. COVID-19 Survey 2 Interview Date. Release version: 8.0.0. SHARE-ERIC. Data set. DOI: 10.6103/SHARE.w9caintd.800