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Record Linkage Project

The combination of survey data with administrative records (named “record linkage” in the following) is a promising innovation within social surveys. SHARE aims at integrating country specific record linkage projects to expand the survey data and its research potential.

The German Pilot study

The first country which implemented record linkage was Germany, where the so-called SHARE-RV project was established. Starting with a pilot study of SHARE-RV in the third wave of SHARE, the project was continued in Germanys’ Waves 4, 5 and 6.

Record linkage international 

After the success of the German record linkage project this approach was scaled up to other SHARE countries. As Germany started record linkage already in Wave 3, it had a considerable head start over the other countries. Therefore, the administrative data which can be linked with the survey data is already available for researcher (see SHARE-RV). Information on other national implementation of the record linkage projects will follow as soon as these are fully established.