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Selected findings from SHARE First Results Books:

  • Social exclusion – more than a mere financial issue: While, on the country level, material deprivation is related to the official poverty rates of the 65+, social deprivation is not. This calls for greater awareness of the non-material aspect of social exclusion and policies beyond the narrow perspective on income and material wealth. Investments in social protection and health care seem to be important examples as countries with higher spendings in these areas show significantly lower levels of material and social deprivation.
  • Poverty is often alleviated by non-financial resources: Levels of household income and wealth vary substantially across Europe.  While poverty and social exclusion are still serious in some of the countries surveyed, poverty is limited, though, if one takes into account the value of one's house, especially in the South. Likewise, living close to one's children - in the same household or the same building - remains a very important mechanism of social solidarity that serves an important poverty alleviation role, not only in the Mediterranean countries but also in Germany.
  • Consumption inequality is much lower than financial inequality.


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