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SHARE Working Paper Series

About the SHARE Working Paper Series

The SHARE Working Paper Series started in 2011 and collects pre-publication versions of papers or book chapters, technical and methodological reports as well as policy papers based on SHARE data. 

The series is designed to provide a timely discussion of results based on SHARE data within the SHARE family, i.e., members of the SHARE Country Teams, Area Coordination Teams and other SHARE bodies. The papers are not peer reviewed; the authors are solely responsible for the scientific content and the graphical layout of their submissions. The respective Country Team Leaders and Area Coordinators are encouraged to look over the submissions by their team members.

The publisher (SHARE ERIC) checks working papers in this series for formal issues such as proper acknowledgements to the funders of SHARE. However, the publisher does not guarantee the scientific quality of the Working Papers. 

Working Papers can be updated – a version number is indicated on the front page. Previous versions are available upon request. Since 2020, the SHARE Working Papers are provided with a DOI for better findability.

Please note that all other working paper publications based on SHARE data, also from working paper series of the SHARE partner institutions, are listed on this website under the category >> Working Papers (sorted by author).

Working Papers and Technical Reports
In July 2019, the series was divided into two categories. The Working Papers feature substantive research with SHARE data, the Technical Reports contain methodological work.

Who can submit a Working Paper?
All members of SHARE Country Teams or other SHARE bodies may submit a Working Paper if SHARE data are used. 

How to submit a Working Paper?
Authors are asked to make sure that the SHARE data and basic literature are cited correctly and the SHARE acknowledgement is included (see here for citation requirements). The front page will be added by the publisher. The publisher reserves one’s right to reject the publication if scientific standards are neglected. 

Submissions go to info(at)

(Date: March 2021) 

SHARE Working Papers

82-2022Kulati, E., M. Myck, and G. PasiniTemporal Discounting in Later Life.
80-2022Berngruber, A. and A. BethmannGenerational Patterns of Transitions into Adulthood across Europe – It’s Complicated.
79-2022Bergeot, J. and F. JusotBeliefs, Risk and Time Preferences and COVID-19 Preventive Behavior: Evidence from France.
77-2022Bergeot, J. and F. JusotThe Consequences of unmet Health Care Needs during the first Wave of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Health.
76-2021Bonsang, E. and E. Pronkina Family Size and Vaccination among Older Individuals: The Case of COVID-19 Vaccine.
75-2021Berniell, I., Y. Fawaz, A. Laferrère, P. Mira, E. PronkinaThe COVID-19 Curtain: Can Past Communist Regimes Explain the Vaccination Divide in Europe?.
74-2021Bonfatti, A., G. Pesaresi, G. Weber and N. ZambonThe Economic Impact of the First Wave of the Pandemic on 50+ Europeans.
73-2021Brugiavini, A., C. Di Novi and C. E. OrsoVisiting Parents in Times of COVID-19: The Impact of Parent-adult Child Contacts on the Psychological Health of the Elderly.
72-2021Bergmann, M. T.-V. Hannemann, A. Bethmann, A. SchumacherDeterminants of SARS-CoV-2 vaccinations in the 50+ population.
71-2021Pronkina, E.Long-lasting impact of education on individual extreme confinement choice among 50+ during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.
70-2021Berniell I., A. Laferrère, P. Mira and E. Pronkina Robinson Crusoe: Less or More Depressed? With Whom and Where to Live in a Pandemic if you are above 50.
69-2021Delerue Matos, A., A. F. Paiva, C. Cunha and G. VossPrecautionary Behaviours of Individuals with Multimorbidity during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
67-2021Jolly, N. A. and N. TheodoropoulosHealth shocks and spousal labor supply: An international perspective.
66-2021Bucher-Koenen, T., I. Ferrari and Y. Pettinicchi Pension Knowledge and the Effectiveness of Pension Reforms.
65-2021Kyzyma, I. and M. N. Pi AlperinWhat Lies behind the Education Gradient in Health? New Evidence from a Distributional Perspective.
64-2021Sand, G. and J. BristleThe Relationship of Threat Perceptions and Optimistic Attitude with Protective Behavior in the COVID-19 Crisis.
63-2021Atzendorf, J. and S. GruberThe mental well-being of older adults after the first wave of COVID-19.
62-2021Fors Connolly, F., J. Olofsson, G. Malmberg and M. StattinAdjustment of Daily Activities to Restrictions and Reported Spread of the COVID-19 Pandemic across Europe.
61-2021Bertoni, M.; Celidoni, M.; Dal Bianco, C. and G. WeberHow did European retirees respond to the COVID-19 pandemic?.
60-2021Brugiavini, A., R. E. Buia and I. Simonetti Occupation and Working Outcomes During the Coronavirus Pandemic.
59-2021Bergmann, M. and M. WagnerCaregiving and Care Receiving across Europe in Times of COVID-19.
58-2021Arnault, L., F. Jusot and T. RenaudSocial Inequalities in Access to Healthcare Among the Population Aged 50+ years During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Europe.
57-2021Bíró, A., R. Branyiczki and P. Elek Time Patterns of Precautionary Health Behaviours During an Easing Phase of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Europe.
55-2020Goll, N. and F. HanemannFinancial Incentives and Heterogeneity in Retirement Behavior An Empirical Analysis Based on SHARE-RV Data.
53-2020Goll, N. Working Pensioners in Europe Demographics, Health, Economic Situation and the Role of Pension Systems.
51-2020Börsch-Supan, A., I. Ferrari and L. SalernoWill Long-run Health Trends in Europe Turn Negative? .
50-2020Börsch-Supan, A., I. Ferrari, G. Pasini and L. SalernoIs Working Longer in Jeopardy? Health and Labor Force Participation of Middle-Aged Europeans .
49-2020Srakar, A.; Garibay, M. G.; Verbič, M.; Sambt, J.Measuring precarious work of elderly: The construction of an index with 2SLS-MIMIC.
48-2020Srakar, A.; Majcen, B.; Bartolj, T.Does Long-Term Care Provision Reduce Health Care Utilization? A Bayesian Nonparametric Approach to Longitudinal Mediation Analysis.
46-2020Motegi, H., Y. Nishimura and M. OikawaRetirement and Health Investment Behaviors: An International Comparison.
44-2019Lauridsen, J., Christiansen, T. and A. R. VitvedDynamic Changes in Determinants of Inequalities in Health in Europe with a Focus on Retirement: Extended Results.
40-2019Tanskanen, A., M. Danielsbacka and A. Rotkirch.Grandparents Look after Biological, Adopted and Step-Offspring: Findings from SHARE and GGS.
39-2019Vandenberghe, V.Health, Cognition and Work Capacity Beyond the Age of 50. International Evidence on the Extensive and Intensive Margin of Work.
38-2019Wels, J.Structural and Individual Barriers to Progressive Retirement. A European comparison using SHARE waves 5 & 6.
35-2019Van Herreweghe, L. and W. Van LanckerIs Religiousness Really Helpful to Reduce Depressive Symptoms at Old Age? A Longitudinal Study.
34-2019Backhaus, A. and M. Barslund.The Effect of Grandchildren on Grandparental Labour Supply: Evidence from Europe.
32-2018Schütz, J. and F. FranzeseMeat Consumption in Old Age: An Exploration of Country-specific and Socio-economic Patterns of Eating Habits of the European Population.
30-2017Mehrbrodt, T.Connected. Can the differences in subjective well-being between migrants and natives be explained by social networks?.
29-2017Srakar, A., V. Prevolnik RupelFor financial or active ageing reasons? Econometric evidence from SHARE on health of the older precarious workers.
28-2016Adeline, A. and E. Delattre.Some Microeconometric Evidence on the Relationship Between Health and Income.
27(3)Angelini, V., A. Brugiavini and G. Weber.The Dynamics of Homeownership Among the 50+ in Europe.
27-2016Bergmann, M. and A. Scherpenzeel.Can a responsive fieldwork design increase response rates and decrease response bias in the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe?.
26-2016Gousia, K.Financial literacy and long-term care insurance coverage.
23-2016Bergmann, M. and J. Bristle.Do interviewers’ reading behaviors influence survey outcomes? Evidence from a cross-national setting.
22-2015Bohacek, R., L. Crespo, P. Mira and J. Pijoan-Mas.The educational gradient in life expectancy in Europe: preliminary evidence from SHARE.
19-2014Bristle, J., Celidoni, M., Dal Bianco, C. and Weber, G.The contribution of paradata to panel cooperation in SHARE.
16-2014Bingley, P. and A. Martinello.Measurement error in the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe: A validation study with administrative data for education level, income and employment.
15-2013Barrett, A. and V. O'Sullivan.A short note on the wealth, health and wellbeing of Ireland’s older people before and during the economic crisis.
14-2013Croezen, S., A. Burdorf and F.J. van Lenthe.Agreement and disagreement in prevalence estimates of health between SHARE and other European population studies.
12-2013Börsch-Supan, A., U. Krieger and M. Schröder.Respondent incentives, interviewer training and survey participation.
10-2012Mazzonna, F.The effect of education on old age health and cognitive abilities - does the instrument matter?.
09-2012Schneeweis, N., V. Skirbekk and R. Winter-Ebmer.Does schooling improve cognitive functioning at older ages?.
08-2012Brunello, G., M. Fort, N. Schneeweis and R. Winter-Ebmer.The causal effect of education on health: What is the role of health behaviors?.
07-2012Fort, M., N. Schneeweis and R. Winter-Ebmer.More schooling, more children: Compulsory schooling reforms and fertility in Europe.
06-2012Weiss, C. T.Two measures of lifetime resources for Europe using SHARELIFE.
05-2011Havari, E. and F. Mazzonna.Can we trust older people's statements on their childhood circumstances? Evidence from SHARELIFE.
04-2011Exterkate, A. and R. L. Lumsdaine.How survey design affects inference regarding health perceptions and outcomes.
02-2011Trevisan, E., G. Pasini and R. Rainato.Cross-country comparison of monetary values from SHARELIFE.

SHARE Working Paper Series - Technical Reports

81-2022Bergmann, M., T. Kneip, G. De Luca and A. ScherpenzeelSurvey participation in the Eighth Wave of the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE).
78-2022Bergmann, M., F. Franzese and F. SchrankDeterminants of Consent in the SHARE Accelerometer Study.
68-2021Halmdienst, N., G. J. Pruckner and R. Winter-EbmerComplexities of Health and Acceptance of Electronic Health Records for the Austrian Elderly Population.
56-2020Bergmann, M., T. Birkenbach and R. GrohPossibilities to Deal with Unknown Vital Status in The Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE).
47-2020Börsch-Supan, M.; Weiss, L.; Andersen-Ranberg, K.; Börsch-Supan, A. Collection of Dried Blood Spots in the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE): From implementation to blood-marker analyses.
45-2019Mehrbrodt, T., S. Gruber and M. WagnerScales and Multi-Item Indicators in the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe.
43-2019De Luca, G. and C. Rossetti.Computing Calibrated Weights in Stata.
42-2019Orso, C. E., A. Brugiavinia, D. Cavapozzi and G. PasiniDocumentation of the Job Episodes Panel: Release 6.0.0.
41-2019Bergmann, M. T. Kneip, G. De Luca and A. ScherpenzeelSurvey participation in the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE), Wave 1-7.
37-2019Gruber, S.Generating easySHARE Release 7.0.0: Guidelines, Structure, Content and Programming.
36-2019Brugiavini, A., C. E. Orso, M. G. Genie, R. Naci and G. PasiniCombining the Retrospective Interviews of Wave 3 and Wave 7: The Third Release of the SHARE Job Episodes Panel.
33-2019Bethmann, A., M. Bergmann and A. ScherpenzeelSHARE Sampling Guide – Wave 8.
31-2017Bergmann, M., T. Kneip, G. De Luca and A. Scherpenzeel.Survey participation in the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE), Wave 1-6.
25-2016Bertoni, M., A. Bonfatti, C. Dal Bianco, G. Weber and F. Zantomio.Harmonized net income measures in SHARE Wave 1.
24-2016Belloni, M., L. Carrino, C. Orso et al. Internationally comparable measures of individual social security wealth in SHARE Wave 4.
21-2014Korbmacher, J. Recall Error in the Year of Retirement.
20-2014Korbmacher, J.Interviewer Effects on Respondents’ Willingness to Provide Blood Samples in SHARE.
18-2014Antonova, L., L. Aranda, G. Pasini and E. TrevisanMigration, family history and pension: the second release of the SHARE Job Episodes Panel.
17-2014Gruber, S., C. Hunkler and S. Stuck.Generating easySHARE: Guidelines, Structure, Content and Programming.
11-2013Brugiavini, A., D. Cavapozzi, G. Pasini and E. Trevisan.Working life histories from SHARELIFE: a retrospective panel.
03-2011Blom, A.G. and J. M. Korbmacher.Measuring interviewer effects in SHARE Germany.
01-2011Christelis, D.Imputation of missing data in waves 1 and 2 of SHARE.