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SHARE Working Paper Series

About the SHARE Working Paper Series
The SHARE Working Paper Series started in 2011 and collects pre-publication versions of papers or book chapters, technical and methodological reports as well as policy papers based on SHARE data. The working papers are not reviewed by the publisher (SHARE Central), layout and editing are not standardized. The publisher does not guarantee the quality of the Working Papers. Working Papers can be updated – a version number is indicated on the front page. Previous versions are available upon request.

Interactive peer-review
The SHARE Working Paper Series is not ex-ante peer-reviewed but researchers are invited to review or comment published Working Papers. These reports, provided they comply with our guidelines for friendly and collegial discourse, will be published anonymously on the website so that the authors or other researchers may answer or comment the review.  

Who can submit a Working Paper?
All registered SHARE users may submit a Working Paper if SHARE data are used.  

How to submit a Working Paper?
To submit a Working Paper, users may send a Word file of the paper to info(at) Authors are asked to make sure that the SHARE data and basic literature are cited correctly and the SHARE acknowledgement is included (see here for citation requirements). The front page will be added by the publisher. The publisher reserves one’s right to reject the publication if scientific standards are neglected.

SHARE Working Papers

No. Author Title
32-2018 Schütz, J. and F. Franzese Meat Consumption in Old Age: An Exploration of Country-specific and Socio-economic Patterns of Eating Habits of the European Population.
31-2017 Bergmann, M., T. Kneip, G. De Luca and A. Scherpenzeel. Survey participation in the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE), Wave 1-6.
30-2017 Mehrbrodt, T. Connected. Can the differences in subjective well-being between migrants and natives be explained by social networks?.
29-2017 Srakar, A., V. Prevolnik Rupel For financial or active ageing reasons? Econometric evidence from SHARE on health of the older precarious workers.
28-2016 Adeline, A. and E. Delattre. Some Microeconometric Evidence on the Relationship Between Health and Income.
27-2016 Bergmann, M. and A. Scherpenzeel. Can a responsive fieldwork design increase response rates and decrease response bias in the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe?.
26-2016 Gousia, K. Financial literacy and long-term care insurance coverage.
25-2016 Bertoni, M., A. Bonfatti, C. Dal Bianco, G. Weber and F. Zantomio. Harmonized net income measures in SHARE Wave 1.
24-2016 Belloni, M., L. Carrino, C. Orso et al. Internationally comparable measures of individual social security wealth in SHARE Wave 4.
23-2016 Bergmann, M. and J. Bristle. Do interviewers’ reading behaviors influence survey outcomes? Evidence from a cross-national setting.
22-2015 Bohacek, R., L. Crespo, P. Mira and J. Pijoan-Mas. The educational gradient in life expectancy in Europe: preliminary evidence from SHARE.
21-2014 Korbmacher, J. Recall Error in the Year of Retirement.
20-2014 Korbmacher, J. Interviewer Effects on Respondents’ Willingness to Provide Blood Samples in SHARE.
19-2014 Bristle, J., Celidoni, M., Dal Bianco, C. and Weber, G. The contribution of paradata to panel cooperation in SHARE.
18-2014 Antonova, L., L. Aranda, G. Pasini and E. Trevisan Migration, family history and pension: the second release of the SHARE Job Episodes Panel.
17-2014 Gruber, S., C. Hunkler and S. Stuck. Generating easySHARE: guidelines, structure, content and programming.
16-2014 Bingley, P. and A. Martinello. Measurement error in the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe: A validation study with administrative data for education level, income and employment.
15-2013 Barrett, A. and V. O'Sullivan. A short note on the wealth, health and wellbeing of Ireland’s older people before and during the economic crisis.
14-2013 Croezen, S., A. Burdorf and F.J. van Lenthe. Agreement and disagreement in prevalence estimates of health between SHARE and other European population studies.
12-2013 Börsch-Supan, A., U. Krieger and M. Schröder. Respondent incentives, interviewer training and survey participation.
11-2013 Brugiavini, A., D. Cavapozzi, G. Pasini and E. Trevisan. Working life histories from SHARELIFE: a retrospective panel.
10-2012 Mazzonna, F. The effect of education on old age health and cognitive abilities - does the instrument matter?.
09-2012 Schneeweis, N., V. Skirbekk and R. Winter-Ebmer. Does schooling improve cognitive functioning at older ages?.
08-2012 Brunello, G., M. Fort, N. Schneeweis and R. Winter-Ebmer. The causal effect of education on health: What is the role of health behaviors?.
07-2012 Fort, M., N. Schneeweis and R. Winter-Ebmer. More schooling, more children: Compulsory schooling reforms and fertility in Europe.
06-2012 Weiss, C. T. Two measures of lifetime resources for Europe using SHARELIFE.
05-2011 Havari, E. and F. Mazzonna. Can we trust older people's statements on their childhood circumstances? Evidence from SHARELIFE.
04-2011 Exterkate, A. and R. L. Lumsdaine. How survey design affects inference regarding health perceptions and outcomes.
03-2011 Blom, A.G. and J. M. Korbmacher. Measuring interviewer effects in SHARE Germany.
02-2011 Trevisan, E., G. Pasini and R. Rainato. Cross-country comparison of monetary values from SHARELIFE.
01-2011 Christelis, D. Imputation of missing data in waves 1 and 2 of SHARE.