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Publications based on SHARE Data

More than 3400 publications based on SHARE data have been published worldwide (March 2022). The latest detailed statistic on numbers and types of SHARE publications can be found >> here.

These publications with SHARE data are registered from researchers all over the world and from different research areas and they are additionally presented centrally on our website. 

Under the category of SHARE publications, please find all (known to us) SHARE based publications sorted by type and outlets. 

  • First Results Books (FRB): 
    About every two years, a FRB with SHARE data from the latest survey wave is published. The aim of this volume is to stimulate further research with the data (To access the latest FRB please click on the picture >>) . 
  • Books: This category contains books and book chapters using SHARE data.
  • Journal Articles: All journal articles based on SHARE data.
  • Policy Papers: In this special category, we listed all policy papers using SHARE data. They are defined as publications addressed to political stakeholders and organizations, politicians and officials.
  • SHARE Working Paper Series: The SHARE Working Paper Series collects pre-publication versions of papers or book chapters based on SHARE data, as well as Technical Reports.
  • Working Papers: In this category, all other working paper publications based on SHARE data can be found. These are mainly working paper series of the SHARE partner institutions, including the Discussion Paper Series from the  Munich Center for the Economics of Aging (MEA).
  • Joint Publications: In this sub-category, you can find a list of publications that use SHARE data in combination with data from SHARE's sister studies HRS and ELSA. Note that these publications also appear in other categories.
  • Other: All SHARE based publications that do not fit into the former categories are listed here, e.g. theses. 

SHARE data are available for researchers free of charge and are widely used also beyond Europe’s borders.

Please remember:

Users are requested to provide references to all publications based on the SHARE data.