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SHARE Research Findings

More than two new publications based on SHARE data are published every week. Please find here selected summaries of SHARE based research from all over the world: 

Life History and the Risk of Death

New study discusses how an individual's past influences their risk of an untimely death.

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The long-term effect of childhood circumstances

 SHARE-based study shows how children’s living-conditions influence health in old age.

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The "grandparent effect" on education

New study sheds light on how grandparents can influence their grandchildren’s educational achievements.

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Well-being of older migrants in Europe

Study compares subjective well-being of migrants and natives aged 50+.

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Working beyond pension age?

International study compares the conditions of workers aged 65-80 in Europe.

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Little exercise is better than none

Preventing chronic diseases through minor physical activity more effective than previously assumed.

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What makes the perfect grandparent?

Study about partnership status and gender of grandparents in Europe.

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Fight cognitive decline with Sudoku

Study shows how leisure activity can help to train your memory.

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The taller, the happier?

International study analyses the link between body height and well-being among people 50+

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Working under stressful conditions causes depressions in the long run

Researchers argue that health consequences of work stress should be analysed in a life-course perspective.

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