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Press Information

Press information about the announcement of the European Commission to fund the SHARE-COVID research project, August 2020


Press information about the Memorandum of Understanding to establish an ERIC forum, May 2017


Press information about the extention of SHARE (New member countries), July 2016

Press information from the book launch of the Wave 5 FRB in Brussels, October 2015


Press information from the Launch of the Wave 4 FRB in Brussels, June 2013


Impressions from the SHARELIFE launch in Brussels, November 2010


Press Release (November 2010, release of wave 3 data)


Press article: Handelsblatt, 29th November 2010


Impressions from the SHARE-ESFRI Conference in Ludwigsburg, Germany, July 2009


Press release (November 2008, release of wave 2 data)