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15.10.2009 Journal of European Social Policy - Special Issue

The Journal of European Social Policy has published a Special Issue on SHARE (Vol. 19, No. 4), covering a variety of topics such as changes in older European's health, social relations in the older population, and elders'...[more]

14.10.2009 2nd SHARE User Conference: New insights into European Ageing

More than 60 researchers from all over Europe and the US met at the second SHARE User Conference in Mainz to discuss their results based on SHARE as well as the ELSA and HRS sister surveys. The presentations from various fields...[more]

30.07.2009 SPECIAL ISSUE of Retraite & Société based on SHARE data

Retraite & Societé is a specialized interdisciplinary journal devoted to questions of retirement and ageing. In June, Retraite & Societé published a special issue on employment and retirement in Europe, which is based on...[more]

27.07.2009 "SHARE [...] makes both national and European policies more effective."

says the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, represented by its State Secretary Prof. Dr. Frieder Meyer-Krahmer.[more]

26.07.2009 Special Issue of Retraite & Société based on SHARE data

Special Issue of Retraite & Société based on SHARE data[more]


The Individual and the State: One Century of Life Histories in Europe.[more]

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