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Scientific Monitoring Board

The Scientific Monitoring Board monitors the scientific quality of SHARE and is also evaluating SHARE from a user perspective. It gives feedback to the Management Board and the research consortium at least once per year. Every two years, the Scientific Monitoring Board issues a written report to the Council of the SHARE-ERIC. This report also assesses the services offered to the users of the SHARE data.


Prof. Arie Kapteyn, Ph.D.

Prof. Lisa Berkman, Ph.D.
Social Epidemiology and Biomarkers

Prof. David Bell

Prof. Kaare Christensen MD, PhD, DMSc.
Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Biodemography

Prof. Mick P. Couper, Ph.D.
Survey Methods, Data Dissemination Methods, and New Technology

Prof. Mike Hurd, Ph.D.
Savings and Health, Data Access and Data Quality; Harmonization with HRS

Prof. Daniel L. McFadden, Ph.D.
Survey Methodology

Prof. David O. Meltzer, PhD, MD

Prof. Pierre Pestieau
Retirement and Labour Markets

Prof. Dr. Norbert Schwarz
Survey Psychology and Data Access Methodology

Prof. Andrew Steptoe, Ph.D.

Prof. Arthur A. Stone, Ph.D.
Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Prof. Robert Willis, Ph.D.
Cognition, Psychology, Economics