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Country Team

Dr. Annette Scherpenzeel
Dr. Felizia Hanemann
Sabine Friedel, M.A.

The German Country Team is affiliated with the chair “Economics of Aging” of the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Prof. Axel Börsch-Supan became Full Professor of the Chair in 2011 and he is the founder and managing director of SHARE international. The members of the German country team would like to introduce themselves:

Annette:I'm the head of the German SHARE team since September 2014. I coordinate the contracts, budget and fieldwork. My personal research interest is the methodology to get a proper representation of the population to participate in panel studies and keep as many of them in as long as possible. I have worked at several panel studies in different countries and now much enjoy the work for SHARE Germany within the inspiring international group of researchers who conduct SHARE all over Europa.”

Felizia:“I have been working for the German SHARE study since January 2013. My tasks are very diverse (from translation of the questionnaire, over data cleaning to developing PR material) and I like the interaction with scientists from different countries and disciplines. I think that it is worth casting a glance at other countries and learning from each other. The Study 50+ in Europe is a unique opportunity to find out how we are ageing in Europe and how we can improve the conditions for individuals and the societies."

Sabine: I'm working for SHARE Germany since April 2018. I'm replacing Felizia during her parental leave. I particularly like that SHARE enables to observe consequences of ageing and how people approach the emerging challenges of ageing. In my research I focus on methodological issues that might influence the quality of data. In one of my dissertation projects I'm studying reasons why some people stop participating after several waves of interviewing and what we can do to make them want to participate again.


(From the left: Sabine Friedel, Prof. Axel Börsch-Supan, Dr. Annette Scherpenzeel, Dr. Felizia Hanemann)


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