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Job Episodes Panel


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Release: 6.0.0

Date: March 31st 2017


The SHARE Job Episodes Panel (JEP) is a generated dataset based on information of the third wave of SHARE (SHARELIFE). It comes in the form of a retrospective long panel. The JEP contains the labour market status of each SHARELIFE respondent throughout her/his life. Such a retrospective panel is useful when studying the potential effects of early childhood conditions on conditions in later life or when the focus of the analysis is a low frequency phenomenon barely captured by the regular panel waves of SHARE. The JEP offers the opportunity to study life-cycle processes and the accumulative effect of important events over the life-course recorded in SHARELIFE in depth. Moreover, the JEP dataset can be complemented by information about the institutions, public policies and macroeconomic conditions individuals are confronted with in the course of their lives.

A detailed description of the methodology and assumptions underlying the construction of the dataset is available in the SHARE working paper 11: “Working life histories from SHARELIFE: a retrospective panel”, by Agar Brugiavini, Danilo Cavapozzi, Giacomo Pasini, and Elisabetta Trevisan. When publishing with the SHARE JEP data please use an additional disclaimer as described in the corresponding documentation file (PDF) which is also available when downloading the data. The latest Release of the SHARE JEP is based on Release 6.0.0.



Further information:

  1. Documentation of the Job Episodes Panel (Release 6.0.0)
  2. SHARE Working Paper 11 - Working life histories from SHARELIFE: a retrospective panel
  3. SHARE Working Paper 18 -  Migration, family history and pension: the second release of the SHARE Job Episodes Panel