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Country Specific Deviations

Even though a generic questionnaire exists as a blueprint for all countries, in certain situations there are “country specific deviations”, i.e. deviations between the generic version of the questionnaire and the translated country versions. These deviations apply to the question texts, the response options or the interviewer instructions.

By clicking on the following links you will get an overview of the deviations for each country sorted by the modules of the questionnaire, for wave 1 and wave 2, respectively. 

            Country specific deviations within wave 1            

            Country specific deviations within wave 2

For details on a specific question you can click directly on the different links in the online overview:

By clicking on the name of the variable you will get an overview of these questions for all countries in which deviations are known.

If you are interested in only one country, you can click on the shortcut of the name of the country in each module to get an overview of all deviations in this country.

Furthermore you can click directly on one question for one specific country in the schedule.

If you are interested in an overview of multiple questions and countries, you can easily use the “Export” button on the top of every module to create an xls-table for each module for all countries separately in MS Excel. 

The list of the deviations consists of at least three columns. The first column is the generic version of the questionnaire. The second contains the same question in the translated version(s), and in the third column you find a back translation for some questions. The point “Explanatory notes” includes an explanation of the country specific deviation.