Behavioural Risks (BR)

GENERIC Austria (AT) Denmark (DK) Italy (IT)
Explanatory notes  
 ''Cans' unintentionally not translated

We used "daily" instead of 'almost every day'

In the questionnaire “cider” has been omitted, as cider is rarely drunk in Denmark

BR10 & BR11: We didn’t translate “cider” because in Italy usually we don’t drink this kind of beverage.

Text of the question  

Please look at card 11. During the last six months, how often have
you had more than two glasses or cans of beer or cider in a single

Schauen Sie sich jetzt Karte 11 an. Wie oft ist es in den letzten
sechs Monaten vorgekommen, dass Sie an einem einzigen Tag mehr als zwei Gläser Bier oder Most getrunken haben?

Se venligst på kort 11. Hvor ofte har De drukket mere end to glas eller to flasker eller dåser øl på en enkelt dag inden for de sidste seks måneder?

Usando il cartellino 11, negli ultimi 6 mesi quanto spesso ha
consumato più di due lattine o boccali di birra in un giorno?

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Interviewer instructions  
Response categories  

1. Almost every day
2. Five or six days a week
3. Three or four days a week
4. Once or twice a week
5. Once or twice a month
6. Less than once a month
7. Not at all in the last 6 months

1. Täglich
2. Fünf- oder sechsmal pro Woche
3. Drei- oder viermal pro Woche
4. Ein- oder zweimal pro Woche
5. Ein- oder zweimal pro Monat
6. Weniger als einmal pro Monat
7. Kein einziges Mal in den letzten 6 Monaten

1. Næsten hver dag
2. Fem eller seks dage om ugen
3. Tre eller fire dage om ugen
4. En eller to gange om ugen
5. En eller to gange om måneden
6. Mindre end én gang om måneden
7. Ikke inden for de sidste 6 måneder

1. Quasi tutti i giorni
2. Cinque o sei giorni alla settimana
3. Tre o quattro giorni alla settimana
4. Una o due volte alla settimana
5. Una o due volte al mese
6. Meno spesso di una volta al mese
7. Per niente negli ultimi 6 mesi