Health Care (HC)

GENERIC Spain (ES) english
Explanatory notes  
Country specific categories (see below).
Routing: Here there are to possibilities: If HC053==96 or DON’T KNOW then HC059 / Otherwise, HC060)
Text of the question  
Please look at card 18. What is your health insurance category in the
National Health Insurance System?

Mire a la tarjeta 18, por favor. ¿A qué régimen pertenece dentro del
Sistema Nacional de Salud?

Response categories  
0. Social security institute (private sector employees)
1. Organization for agricultural insurance (rural sector)
2. Self employed persons funds (merchants, craftsmen, etc)
3. Civil servants fund, employees of municipalities
4. Public utilities: telecoms, electricity, trains, metro
5. Health professions, engineers, lawyers
6. Hotel employees
7. Seamen
8. Various bank employees funds
9. Any other social health insurance fund
96. No social health insurance fund

0. Al régimen general (Seguridad Social)
1. A una mutualidad acogida a la Seguridad Social
2. A una mutualidad acogida a un seguro privado
3. Al régimen no contributivo (beneficencia)
9. A otro régimen público
96. A ningún régimen público