Health Care (HC)

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Explanatory notes  
In France less than 1% of the population is not covered by the national health insurance system, which covers 70% of medical expenses. Therefore, the question was changed to ask about complementary insurances, that cover the rest to reach 100%.  
Text of the question  
Is your coverage by the National Health Insurance System statutory or
is it your own choice?

Etes-vous couvert par une assurance complémentaire (mutuelle,
complémentaire CMU,…) en plus de la Sécurité sociale?

Are you covered by an
complementary insurance
(mutual, universal health
coverage "CMU") in addition
to the statutory health
insurance (Sécurité sociale)?
Response categories  
1. Statutory
2. My own choice

1. Oui
2. Non

1. Yes
2. No