Behavioural Risks (BR)

GENERIC Italy (IT) english
Explanatory notes  
Question asked in WAVE 1 is about the last 6 months.
Question asked in WAVE 2 is about the last 3 months.
BR10 & BR11: We didn’t translate “cider” because in Italy usually we don’t drink this kind of beverage.
Text of the question  

I am now going to ask you a few questions about what you drink - that is if you drink. Please look at card 11. During the last six months, how often have you drunk any alcoholic beverages, like beer, cider, wine, spirits or cocktails?

Ora le farò alcune domande su quello che beve, se beve. Per favore, usi il cartellino 11 per rispondere. Negli ultimi sei mesi, quanto spesso ha consumato bevande alcoliche, quali vino, birra, liquori, superalcolici o cocktail?

Response categories  

1. Almost every day
2. Five or six days a week
3. Three or four days a week
4. Once or twice a week
5. Once or twice a month
6. Less than once a month
7. Not at all in the last 6 months

1. Quasi tutti i giorni
2. Cinque o sei giorni alla settimana
3. Tre o quattro giorni alla settimana
4. Una o due volte alla settimana
Una o due volte al mese
6. Meno spesso di una volta al mese
7. Per niente negli ultimi 6 mesi