Demographics (DN)

GENERIC Netherlands (NL) english
Explanatory notes  

Category 2 in NL includes “samenlevingscontract”, which is a legal contract for cohabiting couples in which they arrange financial, legal and other matters. 

Text of the question  

Please look at card 4. What is your marital status?

Kijkt u naar kaart 4. Wat is uw burgerlijke staat?

Response categories  

1. Married and living together with spouse
2. Registered partnership
3. Married, living separated from spouse
4. Never married
5. Divorced
6. Widowed

1. getrouwd en samenwonend met echtgeno(o)t(e)
2. geregistreerd partnerschap of samenlevingscontract
3. getrouwd, gescheiden levend van echtgeno(o)t(e)
4. nooit getrouwd
5. gescheiden
6. weduwe/weduwnaar