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GENERIC Germany (DE) english
Explanatory notes  
Country specific categories of education, ISCED-codes in brackets.  
Text of the question  
Please look at card 2.What is the highest school leaving certificate or school degree that you have obtained? Bitte sehen Sie sich Karte 2 an. Welches ist der höchste Schulabschluss, den Sie erreicht haben?
Response categories  
1. Comprehensive school
2. Grammar school (not fee-paying)
3. Fee-paying grammar school
4. Sixth form College/Tertiary College
5. Public or other private school
6. Elementary school
7. Secondary modern/secondary school
8. Technical school (not college)
95. No degree yet/still in school
96. None
97. Other type (also abroad)
1. Volks- oder Hauptschulabschluss; 8. Klasse Polytechnische
Oberschule (POS)
2. Realschulabschluss; 10. Klasse POS
3. Fachhochschulreife
4. Abitur
95. Noch kein Schulabschluss
96. Kein Schulabschluss
97. Anderer Schulabschluss (auch im Ausland)
1. Lower secondary school (2)
2. Lower secondary school (2)
3. General upper secondary school (3)
4. General upper secondary school (3)